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Australian home brewing

Australian Home Brewing

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Over those 34 years of operation, we have always & only done one thing. That is… to look after the needs of people like you who are interested in making your own drinks at home.

We supply the ingredients, equipment & information you need to make your own drinks & we also make sure you get maximum drinking pleasure & enjoyment from your brewing by backing you with expert help. You can have as much help as you want from us & it is all FREE.

  • Paddy
  • Member Since: Mar 9, 2013
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Mar 5, 2013

Great home brew store, the staff are all excited about brewing, friendly and knowledgeable. I usually head down with a recipe in mind, then tweak it from the great advice I get in store.
Highly recommend visiting AHB and getting a brew on!

  • Craig
  • Member Since: Jan 11, 2013
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Jan 11, 2013

Always great service, with good tips on brewing beer. They helped me come up with a great recipe for an awesome chocolate porter.

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