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moon dog

Moon Dog Brewing

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In 2010 three lads started on the journey to create the boldest and most unique beers in Australia. Brothers Jake and Josh Uljans and school mate Karl van Buuren set up Moon Dog Craft Brewery in a rustic Abbotsford factory in back streets industrial inner-Melbourne, Australia – wedged between the mighty CUB Abbotsford plant and the infamous Duchess brothel.

Armed with striking looks, unquestionable charm, immaculate hair and a decent-ish sense of humour, Moon Dog has unleashed a new breed of beer onto the Australian beer-loving public.

Blended styles; barrel aging; wild fermentation; weird and wonderful ingredients; high gravity… the beers are style-agnostic and irreverent with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek and an attitude that says “Who cares? It’s only beer.”

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