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Murray’s Craft Brewing Co.

Added by Chris Finnegan

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In early 2008 we took the bold step of looking for a new location to expand our beer brewing operations. Our existing facility at Taylors Arm was unable to cope with our company’s rapid growth so we needed to look at options for our business going forward. Our preferred location was the Hunter region. We looked at a number of properties before stumbling across the oldest established in the Port Stephens area, Port Stephens Winery. It happened to be for sale, had a large land area, an established Cellar Door, and great potential to showcase our unique brewery offerings.

Showcasing beer and wine together to us is quite a natural thing. It creates some natural synergies. Not everybody has an interest in beer. Nor does everybody have an interest in wine. Bringing the two together in a great tourist location to us seemed like a great way to provide the consumer with a wide variety of taste sensations.

Grain and grape together, matched with fine food, creates an interesting offering for a wide variety of people.

We are proud to be brewers first, and winemakers second. But this in no way diminishes our enthusiasm for both great taste experiences.

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