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If you’re a beer aficionado or just starting to get a taste for beer, you’ve come to the right place.

Find Australian breweries producing awesome, craft beer! A quick search will reveal your local breweries, or brewery tours ideal for traveling and exploring Australia. Most allow visitors to sample the craft beers and tour the brewery. If you can’t get to a brewery, or would like to sample beers from different breweries in one place, we also list craft beer pubs in the directory.

Home brewing goes hand in hand with sampling craft beer, so we’ve added home brew supplies as well.

And while your here, checkout our beer blog for beer events and brewery reviews, home brewing tips, and a slab of information about beer to turn you into an expert. Here’s a few recent posts to get started…

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Latest posts on the Beer Blog

St Patrick’s Day: Know Your Beers

St Patrick's Day: Know Your Beers

If you're looking for more authentic ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day this March 17th than shamrock hats and green food dye in your beer, seek out these classic Irish beers to please every palate. Stouts Dry, heavy and comparatively low in alcohol volume, stout is the quintessential Irish drink. Guinness – Brewed since 1759, Guinness is without doubt Ireland's most famous beverage as well as being one of the most successful more

Is gluten free beer worth drinking?

Is gluten free beer worth drinking?

As with all things gluten free, the taste and texture of variations of foods that typically include wheat can be disappointing. It turns out beer is no exception. Most beers are made with malt, which is made of barley, a grain that includes the gluten protein most known for its presence in wheat. As more and more people are seeking gluten free options, craft brewers have been experimenting with more

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Pilsner Beer Styles

Pilsner beers are a variety of lager beers, the result of brewers in Bavaria experimenting around with brewing beer in icey mountain caverns. The process was slower, but it also resulted in yeast and other solids gathering in the bottom of the barrel. This bottom fermenting process turned out a light coloured drink with a cleaner, crisper taste than they had been used to. Many variations of lagers came along, more

Hix Beer Review: Pale & Brown Ales

Hix Beer Review: Pale & Brown Ales

Today we had the pleasure of sampling two Hix beer brews from Hickinbotham of Dromana, a winery, brewery, and restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Andrew Hickinbotham was kind enough to send us a few sample bottles of the Hix beer pale and brown ales. The 500ml bottles look great, a dark green like a mini wine bottle, in keeping with the Hix beer origin at Hickbotham's winery, established in 1936. Starting off with more

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Beer Styles: Pale Ales

Pale ale is the term used to define beer that was made with malts dried with coke (a form of coal). Although the use of coke for roasting malt dates back to 1642, the term €œPale Ale€ was first recorded around 1703. What are pale ales? The Pale Malts gave the beer a lighter colour compared to other beers that were brewed at the time. €œPale ale€ was often used interchangeably with €œBitter more