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Beer Styles: Pale Ales


Pale ale is the term used to define beer that was made with malts dried with coke (a form of coal). Although the use of coke for roasting malt dates back to 1642, the term €œPale Ale€ was first recorded around 1703.

What are pale ales?

The Pale Malts gave the beer a lighter colour compared to other beers that were brewed at the time. €œPale ale€ was often used interchangeably with €œBitter which denotes an English pale ale and was recognized for having a moderate hops flavour.  (more…)

Jan 13, 2013 |

The Key Elements of Beer Styles


Since there are so many varieties of beer around the world, it has become necessary to set certain guidelines on the styles of beer that help classify similar beers. A beer style is basically just a classification assigned to beers based on their appearance, aroma, flavor and point of origin. To broaden your knowledge about beer and in the process find a truly unique beer or beer style that catches your fancy, it’s very helpful to understand about beer styles. (more…)

Jan 5, 2013 |