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About Us

One Sunday afternoon my girlfriend Kathy and I were visiting the Oakleigh Brewcraft store (A home brew supplies store near Melbourne) to grab ingredients for a traditional English IPA. After chatting to the friendly staff were lucky enough to get a tour of the warehouse!

We started talking about websites, and I mentioned that I had built directory websites for clients, and really wanted to build one for myself but wasn’t sure what to focus on. The biggest advertising dollars are in real estate, cars and insurance, but I knew it needed to be something I’m passionate about to really work.

Well, standing there in the Oakleigh Brewcraft warehouse the answer was all around me, and thanks to Kathy for stating what seems so obvious afterwards. “Build a directory of Australian breweries, home brew stores and brewery tours!”. As soon as I got home I registered, brewed a nice IPA, and got to coding;)


Chris Finnegan